Unique & Patented Technologies from Japan


3-Phase Emulsion

Made without surfactants, fine particles can be used as emulsifiers in the three-phase emulsion system to act as an independent phase, unlike surfactants used in conventional emulsions.


Freeze Dried Actives

A unique method from Japan for freeze drying skin care active ingredients to maintain stability and purity, without preservatives. Freeze dried actives can be re-hydrated by the consumer to benefit from full potency at the time of use.

Process for Freeze-dried Active Cosmetic Ingredients

Step one

Prepare the solution containing cosmetic actives to be delivered.

Step two

Create the Freeze-dried (block).

Step three

Slice the Block into Cubes or Sheets.



Japanese scientists developed this unique lamellar structure to allow for superior moisturizing properties and decrease of Trans-Epidermal Water Loss. Alpha Gel technology creates a skin structure that has a high affinity to the ceramides, making ingredients more bio-available. Benefits to the consumer are longer-lasting ingredients that are more effective because they are driven deeper into the stratum corneum.